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Cozy Living Room

Styling & Staging

Styling & Staging is a service all on its own!

At Design & Supply  Studio,  we believe  that  the smallest  details  are just  as important as  the  overall  aesthetic  of a  space.  Every  element,  from  the  texture of a throw pillow to  the placement  of a  vase, contributes to the overall  harmony of a room.

We  pay  close  attention  to  every  detail,  no  matter  how small,  in  order  to  create  a space  that  is not  only  visually  stunning  but  also  functional  and  comfortable. Our approach is to create  a cohesive look and design,  through its styling, that reflects the client's   personal style while ensuring  that every  piece fits together in a   beautiful  and functional way.  Whether  you  are  looking  for  a minimalist   or   maximalist  design, we are  committed to  creating  a  space  that  is  both  aesthetically  pleasing  and practical.


Cozy Living Room

Here's what we can offer: 


- White glove styling and staging services

for residential and commercial projects.

 - Collaboration with interior design as well as

architectural firms for sourcing and completions.

- Furniture sourcing and styling for large

format residential projects and show units.

At Design & Supply Studio, styling & staging can be as simple and as easy as using our in-stock items to fill your home, or you can work alongside our team to  choose  special  order  pieces  which  we can  source  and  import for you.

A Glimpse at our Staging Mastery...

Cozy Living Room

"The details are


the details.

They make the design."

Charles Eames

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