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Livingroom Interior

The Design Process

Our  design  process is a  systematic and  iterative approach to  creating beautiful and functional interior  spaces that meet the needs of its user.  Throughout   the   process, we may  collaborate  with architects,  engineers, contractors,  and  other  professionals to ensure  that  the  design  meets safety standards  and  building  codes. The  process includes  several  formatted  discussions  to  understand  the  needs  and  desires of  the client,  the goals to be  achieved and  the intended spend. With  this  information,  our team creates  the  design  aesthetic  visuals  and  build  plans.  Once  the  necessary adjustments   are   made  and   the  design  is  approved,  we   bring  the   vision  to   life!!!

See below for more details on our process...

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Phase 1: Our First Meeting

It all starts with a conversation.

Give us a call or send us an email and we can get started by  discussing your project: your design desires  and  preferences,  timeline,  and  budget.

We are happy to answer your questions and address concerns.

1 (868) 499 7873

Phase 2: Survey and Agreement

We can meet at our Design Studio or on-site to determine the scope of the project. Together we will review your preferred design style, meet with your architect and builder and any other preferred vendors and plan the way forward. During this phase we will also take time to evaluate the existing space, including its size, shape, and features. Once finished, we will have a well-defined scope of work which can be formalised in follow u correspondence and will include  the design  fee  information. 

Phase 3: Design Plan and Presentation

During this phase we create a design concept that incorporates the client's needs, budget, and desired aesthetic.  We will present to you all floor plans and drawings, showing the  intended layout  and overall design idea for the space. Here we will also show  all  intended materials,  fabrics,  paint, flooring, finishes, furniture pieces, lighting design and anything else that will contribute to the general  mood of the project.  Upon your  review,  the  design is  tweaked  and edited  and/or  approved into the final  design  plan. The  design  plan  can   be  transformed  into  a  binder that will  serve   as  a   guideline   communication  for  all  trades  involved  in  your  project.

Phase 4: Implementation and Evaluation

Upon approval of the design plan, we immediately begin the process of ordering your materials and furnishings where we manage the entire process always keeping timeline in mind. We manage all logistical concerns including all  freight,  customs  clearance,  and  brokerage  throughout   the Caribbean.

Once materials are purchased and we are given the go ahead to begin construction or renovation, we maintain all oversight of the project in its duration, coordinate with contractors and other vendors, and ensure the design is executed well and according to the plan. We are available and on call to address any concerns on the project site as needed. Throughout the entirety of the project we are constantly evaluating the progress, assessing the  effectiveness  of  the  design  and  making  any necessary adjustments.

Phase 5: White Glove Handling and Staging

We are now out of the construction/renovation phase and we can begin to bring the design together and to its completion. Our team will oversee and execute fully the installation of all furnishings and accents with the utmost attention to detail. We can always  guarantee  a  tastefully completed  project  ready for you to  fall in  love with!

Interior Design

If you can't describe what you are

doing as a process, you don't know

what you're doing.

W. Edwards Deming

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