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Build & Remodel:
Project Management

We take  care  of all liaison  with contractors  and  vendors involved in the project.  We maintain in-person site supervision, while defining project goals, coordinating resources and managing the project  timeline  and  budget.  At  the  end  of  a design  build  our  clients  can always expect  a successfully managed project, quality finishes and the  delivery  of a beautiful  result. 

We choose to define project management as a disciplined approach that encompasses the planning, organizing, and  controlling  of  resources to  achieve a specific  objective  within a defined timeframe.

At Design & Supply Studio  we  undertake this crucial role - overseeing the entire  project lifecycle. We apply  our  knowledge,  skills,  tools,  and  techniques  to  successfully  execute  and complete all projects. From  initiation to closure:  We  establish  clear project goals, define the  project  scope, allocate resources efficiently and manage risk, while maintaining  open communication  with everyone involved  in  the  project.  With our systematic approach,  we  guarantee  a  structured  framework  to effectively  manage  complexity,   optimize   resource  utilization,  and  deliver   successful   outcomes.

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