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Our Services

At Design & Supply Studio, we offer a range of services that are tailored to suit our clients' needs. These services include initial consultations to determine  the client's goals, site visits, space planning, selection of furniture, fixtures, and finishes, extensive quoting  and  budget management,  project  management,  update meetings, detailed communications, vendor selection  and  more.  Our company branches out into all areas of  design such as custom  design services for built-in elements such as cabinetry, lighting design,  colour consultation,  and  project management services to oversee the entire  design  process,  thus  removing  all  of the  hassle from  our clients'  busy lives.




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Design  &  Supply  Studio  offers  Full-Service  Interior Design  for large and  medium scale residential  and  commercial  projects  or hospitality  venues  throughout  the   Caribbean. We work closely with our clients and trade professionals to create functional and aesthetically pleasing  interior spaces.  As  a  company,  we  deliver  at  the  highest level when  making critical  decisions,  balancing  aesthetics,  ensuring  maximum  functionality and  bringing together the right mix of  palates,  colours  and  textures  to compliment each individual project.


Interior Designer: 

Someone who solves a problem

you did not know you had in a

way you do not understand.

Similar: wizard, magician

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